It is always a delight to return to the valleys to judge and the indoor hall used for the Groups and BIS is as good as any in the country.  Well lit, spacious, everything running like clockwork and some lovely dogs to go over.

I thought it was a very diverse group as far as quality was concerned & I was shocked by the sheer lack of quality and type of a couple of the exhibits which were BOB.

However, I was more than happy with  my short list of 8 and those unplaced were  the typey Alaskan Malamute, the superbly trained Doberman bitch, the very young Great Dane bitch which I see is already a Champion and the black Newfie which was in spanking condition.

G4 I felt had to go to a young Bullmastiff  Cole’s BOURNEVALLY SEA HAW OF ALWENCOURT.  Not a breed which regularly features in Group placings but surely there is a future for this delightful b/m fawn.  Medium height, quite stunning head, so square, gorgeous eyes for colour, shape and expression, the neatest of ears and an excellent mouth and jaw line.   He is so well ribbed and short coupled with a level backline, powerful, nicely muscled hindquarters and he stands four square on the tightest of feet.  Side on he is a delight to watch moving and he has a real winning personality as he is being handled.  Still a Junior but hopefully will go on to get his title.

G3 was a new face to me in the Leonberger Holliday’s IR CH DEBBOLLINBY VOGUE FOR LIONSFORD.          This 4 yrs old red gold bitch is a real eye catcher both in stance and on the move.  Beautifully headed, the loveliest of expressions, good pigmentation, flowing, harmonious shape with a super neck, level back and excellent angulation both ends.  Not in full coat but her side action is a sheer joy to watch, reach, drive and a lightness of foot which makes her circling the ring appear effortless.  On this form she certainly deserves to become a Champion.  She has that certain class which should be recognised.

G2 went to the established and multi CC winning Bernese Mountain Dog CH MONALOU NELLY PLEDGE JW owned by Ms Gurney.   I’ve already awarded her a CC and BOB but today I thought she was looking the best I can ever recall seeing her.  She absolutely shone with well being, her black coat shining like polished silk, the tan chestnut red and her white totally pristine.  She never put a foot wrong, moved out so well with a balanced action which, when side viewed, just proved how well constructed she is.  Her head is a joy, the expression more than pleased me and she was simply on top form.

G1 I awarded to an outstanding Giant Schnauzer,  Rofe-Moss & Basilone’s CH RIESENHEIM SUITED N BOOTED FOR DALEIDEN.  This simply stunning black son of Philippe Olivier  must surely rank as his best offspring to date. I simply loved him.  Today was his day, style, attitude, tip toe of expectation throughout, in fantastic body and coat which is harsh to the touch and was prepared to perfection.  I loved his headpiece, a real schnauzer, stunning eyes and expression and he presents such a terrific outline.  I award him the RCC to his father when he was still a puppy and subsequently judged him again at the breed Club Ch show when I felt he still need to “come together” as he appeared that fraction long in loin so he had another Res CC.  Maturity has filled him out and now he is in a class of his own.   Has lived in the shadow of his father for too long and deserves to go on to a general Ch show BIS award.  He would be worthy if kept in this form.

Albert Wight (Judge)