I was delighted when I received the invitation to judge this 30th Anniversary show and the Club have found an excellent venue in the Leisure Centre in Caerphilly, quite near Cardiff.

The members had pulled out all the stops and there was a huge array of special prizes and commemorative plaques for every class winner.  In addition, there was a superb catalogue giving a 3 generation pedigree of every dog entered, which made very interesting reading!   And the audience proved to be a good one with the winners roundly cheered.

The entry of 168 was very good but it was disappointing to find a number of bitches were absent, whilst the male attendance was excellent.

The numbers entered were fairly evenly split and on this occasion I found that the overall quality of the dogs exceeded that of the bitches.  As an outsider, the major problems to me are over heavy muzzles which lack refinement, some small, high set ears, too many  exhibits are almost square in proportion as they lack any body length so the outline fails to impress.  Lastly on the negative side, I abhor  the over weighted bone that quite a number now seem to have, thus the fine boned elegance in appearance is lost.

I was pleased to see that a good number of the red & whites now have profuse fringing.  Lastly, I was more than happy with both line ups for the top awards. 

This delightful pair of tricolours were 1st and 2nd in Open Dog and I thought them both quite beautiful.  Both in immaculate coat, both superbly schooled to give 100% in the ring whether in repose and  showing off or on the move where they simply dazzled with light, easy striding, flowing action which gladdened the eyes.   Point for point they are so hard to separate, beautifully headed excellent flare of ears, correct stop, gorgeous dark eyes giving the true expression and that essential refinement in muzzle.  They matched each other in body development, reach of neck and the firmest of backlines and eventually I just edged the winner in front as he has that tad more length  of foreleg which just tipped the scales his way.  Both handlers presented and showed their charges to perfection and many exhibitors could take a lesson from these two owners on just how to make the most of their exhibits.  BPIS  was Langdon’s Bedellus Xmas Magic over Shadowknight I thought this b/w to be a very promising youngster.  Lovely size, good bodylength, enough neck, stands on fine legs with such good feet and a well set and carried tail.  He is well schooled, moved out with reach and drive and was in pristine coat condition.  His head is lovely, sufficient rounding in skull, well flared ears and such good eyes for shape and expression. Shows promise.

MPD(9)  1st  & BMP Sellick’s  Inixia Ring of Fortune, nice young tri dog with a broad white blaze, delightful head shape, super eyes, ears a decent size and well placed.  Scored here on his neck, backline and smooth, even action as he circled the ring.  2nd  Wells & Brown’s Metamorphic Endeavour much more of a baby, particularly when asked to move!  He has such a pretty headpiece with a delightful expression and such well set and carried ears.  Medium neck, well ribbed and super temperament.  Not quite the length of foreleg of the winner but once he got going he was very true in action. 3rd Gummer’s Juara Solo

PD(6)  1st B. Xmas Magic over S.  2nd Finlayson’s Chappell To Be Special for Sharjoy  I thought this r/w top have a lot going for him.  Lovely size, finely boned with correct feet, well angulated hindquarters and his coat was immaculate.  Very good skull, dark eyes are nicely rounded and low set.  At present he is a bit wayward in front action as he comes towards you, but side on when he settles he is balanced. 3rd Brunsdon’s Havenbar Just Rupert

JD(9/1) 1st Miller’s Feorlig Versace JW   top quality shaded sable and white which again was superbly schooled, conditioned and handled to make every last ounce of his virtues. Excellent bodylines  ultra sound on the move where he shows such purpose and drive, keeping his backline steady as a rock.  His head handles well, lovely skull, well placed ears of a good size and already well fringed.  I liked him. 2nd Colyer & Stanbury’s Inixia Fortune Seeker for Shirandob/w with much to like.  Good size, very nice skull, large well placed ears and the darkest of well shaped eyes.  Decent stop, good neck and he has a little length to his ribcage so his outline is balanced. A fraction fuller in coat than the winner and although quite sound in action, he hadn’t quite the outgoing showmanship of Versace. 3rd Weston’s Powdermill Midas Touch

YD(4)  1st Magri’s Frasermar Cool as Ice With Rozamie  totally  disarming tri which is, I see, litter brother to the dog RCC.  This fellow has bags of style, almost too full of his own importance and he is just a powerhouse on the move.   Small, dainty, in excellent bloom he has a sweet head with such a good expression, well set flaring ears, uses his neck at all times to look a VIP and I’m sure he can go on to the top. He has class. 2nd Langdon’s Skyvana C’est Ma Souris Shadowknight  another nice r/w with a good head, excellent muzzle, well defined stop and a delightful expression.  He is nicely ribbed and bodied, the topline is flat and the tail well set. One of several  which is just a bit too proud of his front  when moving, but that can settle.3rd Morrell & Teague’s Temelora Storm Brewin JW

ND(2/1) 1st Stanbury’s Powdermill Touch of Fortune for Inixia very sound moving and energetic little b/w, so full of himself.  Nice head, enough neck, very good body and length of rib, back firm and level and the tail well carried.  Another that needs to firm up in front action.

GD(4) 1st I. Fortune Seeker for S.  2nd Wheeler’s Golygfamour Magic  b/w,pleasing headpiece, good eyes and ears when he decides to use them, nice even blaze, well bodied but needs to learn to relax as he is too tense when being handled on the table, causing his back to arch. Needs some ring training to get the most out of him on the move. 3rd Melvin’s Fire Cracker by Shalandar

PGD(9/1) 1st Cooper’s Ringlands Eternal Flame at Anjoco JW  I thought this red sable had a lot of real papillon charm and he has a degree of style.  Well balanced head, excellent stop and refined foreface, sweet expression and really good, well fringed ears.  Firm bodied, well muscled hindquarters and in such good coat.  His side action is smooth, good hock use and he looks purposeful. 2nd  Orchard & Stanbury’s Panspayon C’est La Vie at Inixia JW  heaps to like in this chap as he is a good size, is a balanced shape, is clearly well made as his side action shows and his coat is a good texture.  His head is well shaped and the ears correct.  Eye a little too full for me so his expression not quite as winning at Flame’s.  I felt his legs and underline hair looked as though it could have been whiter which detracted from his appeal in stance. 3rd Finlayson’s Sharjoy Back to the Future

LD(11)  1st Dembiniok’s Temelora Sun Dancer at Hollrexia JW ShCM. Red sable and white with a quite beautiful headpiece.  Lovely skull, stunning ears giving the real butterfly wings effect aided by terrific fringes.  Eyes round and harmonious with his colouring, lovely stop and such refinement in muzzle.  He is well ribbed and was in terrific nick as far as coat and condition were concerned. I just wish he was less compact and had a slightly longer body to give the outline I want. But he has bags of quality and moved out quite soundly. 2nd Weston’s Powdermill Touch The Stars another tri of truly excellent quality and which could go on to better things. Lovely size, finely boned, excellent feet and so well proportioned. So sound of the move where he has style, a touch of swagger and self belief and stacks with a super outline. Very good head, excellent ears and in top class condition.  3rd Orchard’s  Panspayon Atlantis  

OD(13/1)  Best class of the day.  1st  & BIS Ch Thoughts of Stardom at A. 2nd & Res. BIS Ch. F.  Farenheit for R. 3rd Robb’s Ch. Sunshoo Imahot Shot Gleniren

VD(2/1) 1st Brunsden’s Gleniren Golden Icon red sable, 9 years old, excellent condition, good size. Still well muscled and a good size.  Carrying a little too much weight now but he shows well and is sound in action. Well balanced head, eye just a little full now.

Sp.Op. Phalene (2) 1st Prince’s Temelora Soul Mate,  this b/w is just overdone in muzzle for me, otherwise he is a charmer.  Good size, sparkling condition, very expressive eyes and I’m sure he could out move anything else that was here.   2nd Morrell & Teague’s D’Alie’s Dog Igor for Temelora (Imp), another r/w, very good head with excellent eyes and muzzle.  Enough neck, well ribbed, not the tightness in front nor front action of the winner, lacking his reach and smoothness of stride.

Sp.Op. Bred or Resident in Wales (5)  1st  T. Sun Dancer at H. JW ShCM  2nd G. Magic 3rd Hawkins’ Golygfamor Magician

MPB(10) 1st Casey’s Lilacrose Magic Pearl for Shamal  almost Dresden like in refinement and by far the most accomplished in the ring, superbly lead trained and a happy show off.  Loved her eyes, fine muzzle, balanced shape, well set & carried tail and her positive side action. Needs to fill out and gain body. 2nd Gummer’s Juara Melody  this r/w was more finished in body, nicely headed, excellent flare of ears, enough neck, dead level backline and such good bend of stifle.  She is a little bit  uneasy about being table handled and will need lots more practice in this department if she is to keep winning.  Once on the floor it was tail up and stylish on the move. 3rd Finlayson’s Sharjoy Hot Off The Press NAF

PB(7/2)  1st & BPB Colyer’s Shirando Rebel Red  so very finished looking this quality r/w.  She is of pleasing construction, well weighted bone, excellent feet and has a decent spring of rib.  Her head is nicely rounded in skull, round dark eyes and not overdone in foreface. Came into her own on the move, free striding and true both ways. 2nd Greenslade & Elliott’s Mirakaz Libbilicious for Serenglade  this pretty headed b/w is not nearly so assured in the ring as Red.  I liked her head proportions, lovely eyes and well placed ears.  Unlike some others, she is probably just a little over long in loin and at present she can stand with a dip in her backline, which disappears once she moves out.  In excellent condition she will look better when more experienced. 3rd Cooper’s  Ablazzor Three Wishes at  Anjanco

JB(8/2)  1st & Best Phalene Morrell & Teague’s Temelora Forest Nymph, finely boned pretty headed bitch with some refinement in muzzle and lovely eyes and expression.  She is so well bodied, has a decent ribcage, level backline and some muscle tone in her hindquarters.  In lovely coat she was quite the best actioned in this class. 2nd  Brundson’s Havenbar Just Rubylou  this little r/w never really relaxed to do herself justice and hopefully will become more outgoing.  Head a good shape, well defined stop and dark eyes.  Her ears are a good size but she was not over keen on using them.  She is a nice bodyshape, action OK side on but pasterns need to firm up. 3rd Stanbury’s Inixia Fortune Cookie

YB(2)   1st Morrell & Teague’s Temelora Lucky Lady, I wouldn’t want this r/w to be any bigger but she has such a pretty head and expression though eyes could be a shade darker.  Good muzzle refinement, ears well shaped and fringed, level back and moves out briskly. 2nd Wells & Brown’s Temelora Forest Maid of Metamorphic  red sable and white phalene.  Small, lovely eyes and foreface, ample stop and skull sufficiently round.  For me she is too short in leg length to give the elegance I like the breed to have and at present she is very light in body.

NB(3/1) 1st  S. Rebel Red  2nd  I. Fortune Cookie this b/w is lovely for size, is finely boned with a good foreface, eyes and ears. At present is lacking in bodyweight, coat and furnishings and just needs time to make her look much better.

GB(6/1) 1st Stanbury & Unwin’s Inixia Magic Moment this b/w won her on having the most correct outline as she has a lovely neck. Her backline is dead level and the tail so well set and carried.  She was spotless in presentation and her side action confirms how well put together she is.  At present she is a little narrow in chest and her pasterns could be firmer. 2nd Dembiniok’s Glasafon Irish Jig at Hollrexia very well bodied r/w which is a shade too compact for me.  Sweet head and expression, finely boned legs with good hare feet and a lovely tail carriage.  In excellent coat and so well fringed. 3rd Stanbury’s Inixia Dark Crystal

PGB(13/4)  1st Miller’s Feorlig Under My Spell at Shazzabars  another quality exhibit from this kennel.  Again immaculately prepared and presented and a seemingly natural show off.  Lovely size, totally feminine head, eyes and expression, well flared & fringed which are very mobile and she sped around the ring meaning to get there quickly.  2nd Cooper’s Barleybright Storyline of Ringlands this sparklingly jacketed r/w  is a little short coupled perhaps but she has enough neck, is quite firm in body and level in back.  She is blessed with a really nice head, decent stop, gently rounded skull and super ears. Another which showed a good turn of foot on the go around. 3rd Melvin & McGivern’s Ringlands You and Me by Jujohn

LB(13/4) 1st Roes’ Sunshoo Imacool Kat at Gleniren and 2nd Robb’s Gleniren Juniper Starmaker Sunshoo, this pair of r/ws are so very similar that I thought they could be sisters.  Turns out they share the same father so are half sisters.  Both very feminine, small in stature but big in personality.  Pretty heads with beautiful eyes, well bodied, in sparkling bloom and in stance they almost out show each other.  To complete the picture I would like that fraction more length of leg and to have a little more length of body.  Kat won on being much the steadier of the two on the move as Starmaker decided she wanted to lean away from her handler coming towards me.  3rd Langdon’s Skyvana Caught in the Act

OB(12/3)  1st & CC Robb’s Gleniren Sealed with a Kiss Sunshoo, r/w with an ultra feminine headpiece.  So pretty, gorgeous eyes  with heavily fringed ears combining to give her such a winning and attractive expression.  Her bodyshape is good, decent length, flat backline, fine in leg bone and her tail carriage exemplary.  Spotless in coat she moved out soundly and with attitude.  Believe this is her crowning ticket. Well done. 2nd & Res. CC Miller’s Feorlig Midnight in Georgia JW ShCM a quite different bitch being that tad taller but so beautifully constructed that she doesn’t move or stand wrongly.  Head so balanced, excellent eyes for size, colour and placement, the stop is spot on and her foreface is adequately refined for her skull.   My brief notes said “CH?  Stunning type, immaculate, just preferred front of 1”.  She moved so fast that she just over-reached when coming towards me which enabled me to split two really top class bitches.  I later learned that she was crowned at Driffield ( or was it Darlington?!!  3rd Joyce’s Calajoy Silver Lining

VB(3/1) 1st & BV Brunsdon’s Kingshaven Quest For Life, r/w came into the ring like a grand dame, perfectly groomed and moving with a somewhat restrained side action, head high and an almost imperious gaze.  Head is lovely, lots of quality even allowing for the passage of time and she has retained that essence of elegance which I love.  2nd Osoborne’s Tykkydewas Twylytepolka to Inixia, b/w which is quite a character and a livewire.  Touch of the middle age spread  but happy as a sandboy, loving her time in the ring and tail waving non stop.

Sp Open Pahelen B (4/1)  1st T.Forest Nymph 2nd  Morrell & Teague’s Ir.Ch. Temelora Nichole  another very classy bitch, terrific outline, very shapely and stylish on the move, ultra sound and pleased in head, eye and expression.  3rd Wells & Brown’s Temelora Forest Maid at Metamorphic

Sp.Op. Born or Bred in Wales (3/1) 1st G. Irish Jig at Hollrexia 2nd J. Melody

Spec. Breeders (3)  1st Inixia   2nd Panspayon   3rd Tykkydewas
Best Fringes (8)  1st F. Midnight  in Georgia  2nd Charlie of Asti at Bluejays 3rd B. Storyline of R.

Albert Wight (Judge)