Siberian Husky

An entry of 86 with only 11 absentees, which was surprising in view of the weather conditions.

As always with this breed, there were extremes of type and no matter which camp you belong to,  with so few to assess, compromises have to be made.

We had to go indoors but as the day wore on and the ground became more water logged, I could not help but marvel at the way every single dog or bitch that came into the ring was pristine in presentation!  Some of the owners were some mud be-spattered, but their charges were immaculate.  Hats off to you.

VD(2)  1st Sercombe’s Trelowen Comol at Tokyn  a very nice start to the day as he is un-exaggerated, has a decent length of foreleg so has a hint of elegance.  Nice head shape, ears high set and well used, slight arch to his neck and he has a good ribcage and backline.  Well angulated aft and coped well with the ring surface.  2nd Knight’s Zoox Cillootzski  Nice head with good eyes and foreface, enough neck, shade too thin over the rib for me, well boned, feet could be tighter and he was a bit stiff in action as he circled the ring.

PD(5)  1st & BP Patrick’s Coldasice Etamin   I really liked this dog puppy and will be disappointed if he does not go on to better things.  At this stage he is a little gangly but the basic  shape is there.  His head is so good, the neck medium length and almost crested in stance, the shoulders well laid, level backline, ribs just about deep enough and he has that essential length of foreleg which gives him stature.   Very good hind angulation and his side action is light and free. 2nd Marrs & Harrison’s Coldasice Dubehe  I see shares the same sire as the winner, Ch. Blackstorm. This b/c initially had the better appeal to me as at present he is nearer to being medium in overall length than the winner which still needs to come together.  Beautifully headed, excels in eye shape, ears and expression, in stunning coat and lean, hard condition.  His hocks are well let down, he has a good bend of stifle and is quite sound on the out and back.  In profile and I just that the winner showed more scope and  fluency in his stride.  3rd Shakeshaft’s  Amical Arwel

JD(6)  1st C. Etamin 2nd C. Dubehe. 3rd A. Arwel

YD(3)  1st Brent’s Zakistorti Badge of Honour  rather a nice sort but doesn’t make the most of himself on the move.  I liked his head, eyes and expression aided by such good ears.  He has a decent neck which he holds well, the backline is firm and his overall length/height proportions please. Nice bend of stifle to fairly low hocks and good tail set.  Needs to move out with more conviction 2nd Stoutt’s Esquimaux Please Please Me taller individual with ribs stopping too short in depth for me so his front is over narrow.  Scores in hindquarters which have a decent width in thigh and are well muscled.  Would like more layback in shoulder and he steps quite short in profile action.  Very well handled. 3rd Clarkson’s Nanarja Run To Me

PGD(5)  1st Richardson’s Arcticdream Chewbacca glamour boy in stunning condition and with that ready to please attitude which I loved. So well put together in construction, complimentary angles both ends, amply weighted bone, tight feet and well set and carried tail.  His head is full of quality and his light, easy action was a pleasure to watch.  Could go on to better things as he has style.  2nd Sutton’s Wildenfree Night Spirit , this brown was a bit of a challenge as I have to admit that on the stack he didn’t really draw my eye.  Pleasing head, eyes and ears, enough neck, level backline and nice length of foreleg.  His angles are a but straight, especially in hindquarters yet ask him to move and he seems to come together with a light, free striding action and he keeps his backline steady as a rock!  3rd Leich, Leich & Koops Forstal’s Pasbornik

LD(6)  1st Platt’s Skimmarque Silver-sno Kenai at Wightflight.  At last…something that gave me goose bumps.  I just loved him and knew from the start it would take something really special to beat him.  He is exactly what I see in a Sibe, everything fits so well, there is complete balance, his head has quality, his eye size, shape and expression are close to the ideal for the breed.  His neck is well arched, good angles both ends, & his hindquarters must be nigh on perfect. He is medium in size, has adequate bone and on the move he just floats with a rhythmic, light daisy cutting stride.  Why he isn’t already crowned is beyond me.  2nd Stoke-Sheldon & Sheldon’s Shimani Flynn at Siberiaskye  not quite the lovely eye and expression of the winner but a shapely dog of good size, excellent neck and backline, one of the best fronts of the day both in stance and on the move.  In beautiful condition  he is all male in outlook and will always be there or thereabouts. 3rd Rogerson’s Dreamcatchers Batonrouge at Nosregor

OD(15)  Best single class of the day.  1st & RCC Leich, Leich & Koops’ Ch. Forstal’s Nikitinka looking nothing like his 8½ years in bodyweight, muscle tone and freedom of action.  Everything fits so well, he has shape, style, good angulation both ends and is so balanced in stance.  Easy to see why he is titled and gave the DCC winner a good run for his money.   For me his eye is now slightly full so has not quite the lovely expression of Sno and on the go around, whilst he is still sound and shapely, the younger dog, for me, just had the edge in lightness off foot.  2nd  Whitehead’s Ch.Jacalous Gold N Silver  another very worthy Champion.  Carries no excess weight over his ribcage which has sufficient spring then flatten nicely to a decent depth, still keeping that leg length to give  him elegance is stance.  He owns a delightful head, was immaculately presented as always by this handler and he too is a sound, free striding dog.  For me the older fellow just had the edge in rear thrust as they circled the ring.  3rd Wooliscroft’s Zarchenski Hong Kong Fuey JW

VB(2) 1st Platt’s Ch. Skimarque Snoflurry at Wightflight ShCM    ultra feminine and looks every inch the Ch she is.  UI see is full sister from an earlier litter to the BOB winner.  Light footed in action, stunning coat and condition, the prettiest of heads and so very shapely.  A joy to judge. 2nd Keen’s Kazachye’s Move Closer to Nashanessen  pretty headed red bitch carrying too much weight over her ribcage which reflected in her action. She has good legs and feet, adequate angulation both ends and used herself quite well as they went around the ring.  Lovely temperament.

PB(7/2) 1st Patrick’s Coldasice Delphini   I see another by Ch Blackstorm.  Again has elegance and style.  Loved her head type, beautiful eyes for shape and expression, neat ears and a good firm backline.  Moved out with a smooth, even stride and I thought her to be so promising.  Was against her kennelmate for BP and she didn’t keep her decorum quite so well as he did on the move. 2nd Brent’s Saxonike Summertime this pale red has lots to like but she insisted on standing with a dip in her backline which disappeared when she moved.  Good bone and feet, very good bend of stifle and her hocks are well let down.  Her head planes are good, well placed and carried ears and she was in immaculate bloom.  Could settle a bit more on the go around but has plenty of time for this. 3rd Friend-Rees’ Amical Betsan

JB(9/1) 1st Gillman’s Dreamcatcher Prosecutor, had to win her three classes here as she can really motor, is totally sound, is in the firmest of body conditions with no excess weight over a good ribcage which has enough depth, the backline firm, the tail set spot and she carries it so well. I liked her head, good almond eyes which are bright and full of love for her young handler.  If I could change her I would add an inch to her length of foreleg to give her the elegance I like to see in the breed.  2nd  C. Delphini 3rd Mason’s Esquimaux Love me Do For Sleepihallo

YB(5) 1st D. Prosecutor 2nd Shakeshaft’s Esquimaux Ticket to Ride I admired her head properties.  So balanced, pretty in eye and expression, neat ears and  non stop attention to her handler.  Nice for size, well boned, backline to tighten, shoulder well laid and enough hind angulation.  Doesn’t quite put all in on the move.  Excellent coat condition. 3rd Rogerson’s Northenwolf Lil Show Girl

PGB(7/3) 1st D. Prosecutor 2nd E. Love Me Do for S.  another whose topline needs to tighten as she dips behind the withers. Nice type, good head pattern having much appeal in eyes and expression.  Just enough reach of neck, well ribbed and good loin.  Never really got herself co-ordinated on the move to present any real challenge to the winner.  3rd Love’s Snoplains Run For Home

LB(7/2)  1st Patrick & Ashman’s Elmsal Stormwatching JW  this is such a sound moving bitch, presented in spanking condition, totally attentive in stance, beautifully headed and standing on good legs and the tightest of feet.  I would like her to be shorter in the loin but her reach of neck, the correct angulation fore and aft and her lightness of foot, swung the scales.  2nd Terry’s Azgard Mella Mauve  this is a lovely breed type of bitch but sadly was dead out of coat.  It only served to show how well made she is, so pleasing in outline, more than useful neck, level backed, good lions and ample bend of stifle.  On the go around I felt she could have used her hocks to better advantage though on the up and down she was quite true.  When back in full jacket could be quite impressive.  3rd Bradley’s Rajarni Anastasya

OB(10/3) 1st & CC Patrick’s Coldasice Cebalrai JW ShCM,  this exhibitor brought every one of his charges into the ring in marvellous condition, both in bodyweight, coat presentation, character and freedom of action.  This bitch is so unexaggerated, moves out so every well with a brisk, light footed grass skimming stride which suggested she could work all day.  Lovely eyes and expression, level backline and well set and carried tail.  I believe this win makes her up.  2nd & Res.CC Whitehead’s Elmsal Redwood at Jacalous, this light red  is of a slightly different type not having quite the length of leg of the winner so not the instant appeal in stance.  Handling shows her to be so well ribbed, lean with a hard backline, lovely hindquarters, front could be a bit tighter, beautiful headpiece and again spotless in preparation.  On the go around she acquits herself so well, demonstrating a free striding, smooth side action.  3rd Stokes-Sheldon & Sheldon’s Shimani Call Me Minx JW ShCM.

Albert Wight (Judge)