Rough Collie (Dogs) Report

MP(7/1) 1st & BP Riley’s Antoc Indigo Ice, a very raw blue merle with heaps of charm and lots of potential.  Loved his head, long & lean with a little stop and such a flat skull.   His eyes are a good size and shape; his ears are a bit unsettled but should right themselves.  Excellent bone, nice reach of neck so well ribbed and very well-angulated hindquarters.  Plays up a little in front but gives occasional glimpses of a steady side gait.  Lovely colour and excellent presentation.  2nd WilliamsSmith’s Danrox Man In Arms this very stylish looking sable dog really pleased me when in stance but regrettably he was not over fond of being handled, being unhappy with the windy conditions.  A shame as he has that look of quality, clean, one piece wedge head with extremely good eyes and neat ears. Nice for size and bodyshape flows.  Action a bit hasty but I’m sure will settle and do well. 3rd Davies’ Johleytoff Jolly Roger

P (8/1) 1st Vanstones’ Vanbarc That’s Life a very shapely s/w in really good coat and with a head, eye and expression which command a second look.  Ample neck, bit short in upper arm, well ribbed, excellent croup moulding to a low set, long tail.  Quite sound coming and going but didn’t extend so well when competing for BPD.  2nd Beaden & Duffield’s Myriehewe Galileo I certainly didn’t handle a better prepared exhibit all day.  This tri was in stunning coat, the white glistened and his black jacket had the most amazing sheen.  I loved for his make and shape with that useful neck so well arched his backline true and that long sweeping croup line.  Stands on well boned legs with good feet and in profile shows good hock use.  Whilst his head has length with a flat skull and clean cheeks, I felt he just lost out in expression to the winner, not using his ears to advantage. 3rd Hill’s Hillrise Blue Wizard

J (13/5) Barrett’s Brooklynson Bogarte another beautifully presented and handled s/w.  Nice for size and he has a decent length of foreleg which gives him that touch of elegance, sound moving and a most pleasing outline when in repose.  Has a nice reach of neck, is so well ribbed and he has good second thigh width with well let down hocks. Pleasing headpiece, neatest of ears and a well-filled foreface. 2nd McCarte’s Roughrigg Red Marauder this golden s/w was very close up to the winner and had he tried a little harder to make the most of his virtues he could have swung the scales on his lovely eyes. A nice size, so well bodied with ribs not over-sprung, supple loins and again a nice bend of stifle.  Moved round the ring with a fairly light, free stride.  His head handles well, so clean in cheek, the skull fits the hand so well and he has just about enough stop. 3rd Miller & Lancaster’s Pellismar Latest Dreams JW

N (4/2) 1st Bendall’s Gemastra Teast Weasy of Cheilmor this blue is not the clearest of colours but it is well broken.  Pleasing outline in stance with a fair length of foreleg and he uses his neck to advantage.  Clean, long head, nice eyes, ears a bit low set and carried, a lovely forechest and ribcage.  He was in excellent coat but disappointed moving by persisting in moving crabwise.  Another perhaps not relishing the wind? 2nd Bolton’s Duckslade Mellow Jazz  this sable is just that bit deep through in skull for me, though it is flat and he has a well-shaped eye.  Enough neck, super rib cage not quite the angulation either end of the winner but he has a nice long tail, albeit he is proud of it.  Delightful temperament.

G(5/2) 1st Colman-Smith’s Karlaina St. Louis a full coated very sound moving s/w.  Tall, well boned with nice layback in shoulders and a pleasing bend of stifle complimenting each other. Moves out with a degree of purpose and his hocks are so firm. A little strong all through in head for me but all is balanced and he has a very kind eye. 2nd D. Mellow Jazz

PG (16/5) 1st Cozens’ Bhyllsacre Dark Cavalier this shaded s/w was in lovely coat and was so well presented.  All male in outlook, lovely for size, really masculine head which has such length, a correct stop and terrific foreface.  His neat ears and super eye shape complete a head of much quality and in stance he is a class act.    Well-proportioned body adequate angulation both ends and shows a useful hind thrust in profile.  However, he is much too proud of his tail and so never really presented a threat in the challenge. 2nd Hodges’ Jopium Major Tom JW  s/w with lots of charm.  Pleasing head, excellent eyes and neat ears.  Really good neck, well laid shoulders, shade short in the leg for his rib depth which, for me, just takes away that clean athletic shape I like.  Another presented in such good condition and he is a co-operative showman.  Quite sound in action but like the winner his tail is just too gaily carried for me. 3rd Scott’s Proud to be Blue by Aniesh

L(23/4) 1st & Res.CC Hovard’s Rossavon Dream Lover.  What a delightful dog this mahogany s/w is.  I loved his head, so reminiscent of Ch. Ramsey of Rokeby.  Absolutely one pieced, lean yet masculine, the skull almost flat, gently round at the edges with a beautiful eye set and shape coupled to neat ears and a smooth muzzle all combine to give an expression of much dignity.  Not a big dog though undeniably male, but totally balanced in proportions and he moves with a lightness of foot seldom seen in the breed these days.   I would love to see him bathed and properly prepared for the showring as his coat presentation left a lot to be desired.  In the final run off for the res.CC I forgave this failing, as it is cosmetic, though it makes such a difference. 2nd Markesky’s Sonza Johnny’s Boy with Peptide, another quite lovely headed mahogany s/w which oozes class and breed type when not moving, then that horrible gay tail raises itself as he circles the ring and the whole illusion is shattered.  He was a delight to go over and he is especially handsome in head.  Totally male yet refined with the head clear of any sharp edges just beautifully moulded to fit the hand like a custom made glove.  His eyes and expression totally won me over and he was presented in good bloom.  But oh, that tail! 3rd Daley’s Malcesine Starman with Melayla

O (15/3) 1st CC & BOB then G2 Kitchen’s Jasand Somethin’ Blue for Seriema, another stunning example of the breed produced by that very talented and dedicated breeder, the late Jasmine Round.  She would have been so proud of this chap. He simply is a class act, is a wonderful colour, in full coat and was flawless in presentation.  I adore his head, long, lean, exquisite eyes and (when he deigns to use them!) neat ears.  Owns a super reach of neck, so well bodied and his topline flows so easily from ear to tail tip.  When he moves there is that ease of stride which takes seemingly little effort and he is sound both ways and his carriage demands attention.  Delighted to see him perform so well in the Group. 2nd Blake’s Ch. Corydon Il Supremo. Another top quality example of the breed from this highly successful kennel.  A s/w not in full coat but spotlessly presented and so well schooled. Loved his head to handle, so clean in skull and smooth cheeked.  Not as almond in eyes as the winner hence his expression not quite so appealing.  He is tall, elegant in repose and like the 2 which beat him for top honours, he is fleet footed and completely balanced in action as he goes around the ring. Easy to see why he bears his title. 3rd Havard’s Dravahland Idol Dream at Tullyvin

V (2/0) 1st O’Hara’s Rifflesea Ring of Bells big handsome red sable which still has a spring in his step and is so full of life.  Ears a bit unsettled, pleasing head, lovely expression and shows an eye catching reach of stride as he moves round the ring.  In good bloom. 2nd Well’s Wells Fargo of Terelimon a smaller dog with that undeniable touch of class in his headpiece.  Has retained refinement there, eye still has that soft enquiring gaze.  Not the zest for life or moving of the winner – he gave me that “been there, done that before” look – maybe just too wise!