PD (7/3) 1st Maggs’ Zalute Zeredipitee of Dewyche what a delightful young fellow this so of the BOB winner is.  Liked his head, not exaggerated in stop, flat cheeks and ample depth through.  His eyes are so good for shape, colour and expression.  He has sufficient neck, the back is level and he is so well moulded over the croup to a good tail.  All male in outlook, in terrific coat he just needs to collect himself more when moving which is where the bitch puppy beat him for BP.  I’m sure he will do well.   2nd  Lazarides’ Alchazandis Zakatali that bit heavier all through in head type with a little more stop than I like.  He is so well ribbed for spring and depth, has tremendous bone with good feet and was in lovely coat condition.  At present he stands and moves that fraction overbuilt but this could alter if he drops behind.  However he has size, substance and looks powerful which edged him over the 3rd  Spencer-Browns’ Beachbears Haakon Magnus at Startrax

JD(6/3) 1st Z. Zeredipitee of D.  2nd A. Zakatali 3rd  Wright’s Alachazandris Zhuravel

PGD (8/0) 1st Dowdell’s Ordessa  Moonlit Island, this prefix invariably produces such a shapely, quality looking PMD and this one is no exception.  I admired him heaps but wish he was more outgoing in temperament.  Got over his initial stage fright and allowed himself to be handled but always had that on edge look.  A pity as he has a lovely head, strong backline, excellent angulation both ends and moves with power. 2nd Denyer’s Milenjohy Lord Brogan of Batrapyr, much more the placid gaze and temperament I admire.  He is unquestionably handsome and was immaculate in presentation and handling.  His head size is good, the skull amply wide but just overdone in stop for me though his excellent eyes retain that hoped for expression. Nice spring and depth of ribs which could be carried that couple of inches further back which would them give more of the proportions I like to see as compared to the first he is that fraction compact. Sound both ways and has an easy, balanced side stride. 3rd Spencer-Browns’ Stratrax Lord of the Dance

LDF((8/1) 1st Tadd’s Kricarno Kaptorvator (where do Pyrenean people get these names from?!)  I see his dam is full sister to the BOB. I loved his head type immediately I saw him and handling confirmed this.  Slightly domed skull, so clean all through with good depth, little stop and such a good weight in foreface.  His eyes are excellent as are his ears that are quite neat and lie well. He has a nice layback in shoulder, good length of ribs carried well back and he is strong in second thigh. Side action shows balance. 2nd Srodzinski’s Laudley Dream Supreme a prefix which has done so well under me over the years.  Quality head, superb eyes and an expression almost benign as he looks so dignified and calm. He is really good in forequarters and was one of the soundest movers there.  For me he is that little short coupled especially compared to the winner and this was reflected in the side action where Kaptorvator was just that little smoother. 3rd Wells’ Darmaror Winalot Bear

OD (6/2) Spoiled for choice here with 4 very good Champions on show.  1st CC & BOB  Edwards’ Ch. Shandlimore Midnight Cowboy, I have placed him in a Group and today he looked as good as ever.  An all quality look about him, shapely, so well proportioned, bags of substance and size yet looks quite regal.  I especially like his head for shape and his expression is a joy.  Immaculate in coat he never did anything but what was asked of him and was a truly worthy BOB. 2nd & Res. CC Bayliss’ Ch. Shiresoak It’s a Kind of Magic, I see is a son of the winner and has most of his attributes.  Again that air of quality, the almost serene expression and he is beautifully constructed.  He has size, beautiful height/length proportions and is not exaggerated anywhere.  Like his Dad, he was superbly conditioned and coated and he too can move with a deceptively light stride.  3rd Dunks’ Ch. Zalute Zupernataition

PMD REPORT p2 (Nat. Wkg & Pastoral Breeds Ch show 2002 

PB((7/3) 1st & BP Baverstock’s Shiresoak Magical Star at Kalsaki  caused me to smile quite a bit as she has her owner at her beck and call.  Lovely headed youngster.  She is not big but has excellent substance with strong bone and really excellent feet.  Her head is really good with depth through the skull, clean flat cheeks, quite beautiful eyes and just enough neck to give that look at me appearance. So well bodied and ribbed with the cleanest of toplines.  Moved beautifully, then decided she had done her bit so thought she would prove she could pace too!  She even did that with style.  If she fulfils this early promise will go on to her title. 2nd Edward’s Zalute Zalize via Shandlimore a charming youngster but not nearly so forward in body development nor coat finish as the first and has yet to settle in action. Scores in fore assembly, her level back and lovely sweep over the rump to a well set tail. Pleasing headpiece, eyes quite dark enough and the skull shaping well. 3rd Szrodinski’s Darimba Sariba Silksatin

JB(4/3) 1st Collins’ Moonvista Sparkling Rose. pleasing head shape, eyes could be more almond to enhance her expression,  nice spring and depth of ribs which carry well back.  At present stands & moves a little overbuilt behind.  She has nicely weighted bone and side on her action is balanced.

PGB(8/0) 1st Pawson & Absolom’s Fontenay Kialenska I liked this bitch but think she would so much better is her coat had a bit more preparation. Nice head, very good eyes, enough neck, lovely layback in shoulder, backline so level and held well on the move.  Hocks could be a little better let down but her steadiness on the move and clean-cut outline won the day. 2nd Veal’s Arandora Uptown Girl at Jojims this bitch was stunning in coat condition and preparation,  Pleasing head, loved her eyes for size, shape, colour and that expression. Not quite the layback in shoulder of the winner but has an excellent spring and depth of rib. Moves truly when front viewed but stands and moves a little overbuilt behind. 3rd Lord’s Laudley Delazia

LB(5/0) 1st Pawson& Absolom’s Fontenay Kiazora a very nice bitch with lots to admire.  Good for size and substance and once going is so sound.  Initially almost threw her breed type advantage away as her owner or someone she knew being close to the ring distracted her.  Liked her head, beautiful expression, and the smoothest of backlines and balanced angulation both ends contributed to her even stride when circling the ring. 2nd Simpson’s Gillandant Christal Classique  not quite in the full coat of the winner and not her firmness in pasterns so her front was less positive.  She scores in that beautiful head, eyes and expression, a tad overdone in reach of neck for me but perhaps that will be less obvious when she is in fuller coat.  Her backline is level, the second thighs have width and her side action is so pleasing to the eye. 3rd Baverstock’s Kalkasi Enchanted Willow

OB(9/1) 1st & CC Pollard’s Ch. Gillandant Krystaleen  the last time I judge this bitch was a teenager with obvious class and promise.  Regrettably she refused to allow me near to her and initially today she was not over confident.  I discarded both my hat & my glasses and she condescended to be examined.  After that she was fine.  Like the BP is not a big girl but has a lovely weight of bone. She is so well proportioned with a topline that is so smooth and clean cut, the angles fore and aft are complimentary, her hocks are well let down and she has an easy, unexaggerated stride as she moves around the ring. Her head is delightful, her presentation was immaculate and she deserved the top bitch award. 2nd  & Res. CC Pawsom & Absolom’s Fontenay Jolly Jayleigh another really nice example of the breed from these breeders.  Her skull is so good, the cheeks smooth and amply deep and her eyes are quite lovely.  Another whose stop is a little on the deep side for me, though her expression seemed fractionally impaired by this.  I liked her proportions, the angulations she has and her unhurried, smooth stride. I thought her a really smart bitch and certainly worthy of a title. 3rd  Dunks’ Ch. Zalute Zuperlativlization

Albert Wight (Judge)