PD(5/0) 1st BP, BPIG and Res. CC Spavin-Harrison & Grieve’s Sholeen High Flyer.  What a cracker!  I loved him on sight and he fulfilled my first impressions.  Wonderfully shaped, so compact, so well ribbed, strong in loin, a real rounded rump with his tail high set and carried so proudly.  His head is developing nicely, the eyes large and brim full of expectation at what’s happening next.  He is beautifully coated and handled and here he was the complete extrovert and show-off.  Delighted he charmed Stuart Mallard in the puppy Group.  A real prospect. 2nd McCourt’s Silhill Harry Potter another that benefited from immaculate presentation.  Lovely youngster with probably (at this stage) the slightly better skull width than the winner, though no quite as good in eye and expression.  He is fairly compact and this will become more evident as he gains bodyweight and takes on that chunkier look.  Enough neck, level back, well set tail and side on his action shows
good balance. 3rd Creffield’s Melfield Sergeant Pepper

JD(1/0) 1st Brown & Chapman’s Chiads Bash Street Kid a most attractively coloured pale silver with black fringes. Lovely size, large, round eyes, such a reach of neck and scoring in outline when stacked.  I would like a bigger spring to his rib and his feet are a bit flat.  As always from this handler, beautifully presented.  His hind action is so true with good hock action.  Needs to tighten in front.

PGD(1/0) 1st Sergeant’s Grestean Hickory Heron nice for size, weight of bone and good feet. I noted the well shaped, dark eyes, which of course aids his expression.  Ears could be longer and not a lot of furnishing there as yet. Good level back, well-set and carried tail.  Needs to settle more when moving as he givers his handler a hard time.

LD (1/0) 1st  Mather’s Bigglesmere Eternal Glow Over Benningholme silver fawn shades and in stance has lots of appeal being cobby, shapely with a fair arch to his neck and strong hindquarters.  His head handles well, skull fairly wide, lovely stop, good eyes and well-placed ears.  His coat is soft to touch and was so clean.  Disappointed on the move where he lacked the balance and steadiness I hoped for.

OD (3/0) 1st CC & BOB Brown’s Fin.Swe.Nor. & Int. Ch. Lowgold Lottolike…and there certainly is.  I thought his shape, reach of neck, compactness, strength in hindquarters, tail carriage and beautifully soft textured coat were all plusses.  His head handles well. The stop is well defined the ears well set and have length and fringing and his eyes were the best in the entry, giving that real Lowchen expression.  He could not have been better presented and he moved with a free easy, balanced stride. I gave his outstanding father his first CC and this chap is a more than worthy son. He too deserves his UK crown.  2nd North’s Riskhan Burning Desire another very good example of the breed and I should think he would be made up.  He is not so good in shoulder and front action as the first nor does he have his steadiness when circling the ring.  That apart he is a delight to handle on the table, his head is so good, the skull fairly wide, the eyes well shaped and dark, enough neck and his hindquarters are well muscled. 3rd Steward’s Pridesden Punchinello

PB(3/0) 1st McCourt’s Silhill Atomic Kitten a pretty little bitch, ultra feminine, sweet headpiece with lovely expressive eyes.  She is compact, well ribbed with a high set tail and a nicely rounded rump.  Steady in action, she shows lots of promise. 2nd  Allington’s Rexford Madam Cyn  this most attractive baby was so well presented and has much appeal when posed.  Delightful headpiece, enough neck, very good spring to her ribs, fraction longer in loin than the winner and she is at the moment a bit unsettled in action when front viewed. 3rd North’s Riskhan’s Beryl the Peryl

JB (1/0) 1st Turner’s Chiad Rainbow Dancer  another which did not prove the easiest charge for handler, especially on the move. Little long cast but has a pretty head, nice skull width and eye shape, well arched neck, nice spring and depth of ribs, lovely tail set but the picture would be more complete with better thigh width.        

PGB(1/0) 1st Gibbons’ Bigglesmere’s Classique what a fabulous temperament with that pleased to meet you gaze and that non stop wagging tail. She is certainly blessed with a real chunky, well-ribbed body, a really round back end and that high set tail ever in evidence.   Her head is nicely shaped, ears could be that bit longer and more fringed to good effect and I would like that little more length to her legs for balance.  However, she certainly motored up and down with all the self-belief imaginable.

LB(5/0) 1st Mansell’s Teejay Chinese Whispers once she settled to the job in hand this proved to be the soundest moving of bitches.  I especially liked the quality of her head type, with really good eyes and expression.  She is nicely ribbed, has a decent forechest, good tight feet and a soft jacket.  A bit straight behind but she uses her hocks well. 2nd Taylor’s Ballart Kir Royale immaculately put down this is a small, very feminine bitch behaved impeccably and moved so truly both ways.   A most appealing outline being short backed and with a fair reach of neck.  Her rump is well rounded, the hindquarters well angulated and she never lets that tail flag.  In the final analysis I gave the nod to the winner on her better skull width and bigger eyes. 3rd Smith’s Aquilonia Totally Tipsy

OB (6/1) 1st & CC Edward’s Ch. Cleeview Ruby Tuesday scores in head development, lovely backskull, pretty short overall proportions, good eyes and long, we’ll fringed ear.  She certainly is well ribbed, they have a good spring, her forechest is well developed and her loins supple.   Came into her own on the move, looking so collected and balanced.   When deciding BOB I was pleased to have two such lovely examples of the breed with the dog’s superb eye just edging him in front. 2nd & Res.CC Gunn’s Velmead Fennel I later learned this delightful bitch has 2CCs and is just awaiting that vital 3rd.  She has so much going for her.  Her head is a delight, oozes breed type, lovely stop, eyes and long, well-fringed ears combining to give that Lowchen look. That tad longer cast than the winner and not quite her spring of ribs.  Nonetheless she is well angulated both ends, her tail is high set and carried and she is as sound as a bell whether fore or rear viewed. Altogether a delightfully feminine package and I do hope she gets that crowning ticket.  She is most worthy of it. 3rd Curgenven’s Chruston This ‘n That

Brace (1/0) 1st Sergeant’s well-matched pair

Albert Wight (Judge)