ND(1/0) 1st Horsey’s Hehkuva Vilkas  richly colour dog.  I would like a shade more of him all over for his sex.  Pleasing head planes, certainly compact in body shape with a well set and carried tail. Moderate neck and quite neat ears.  Moves a trifle wide behind and backline can dip.  Lovely temperament.

PGD(2/0) 1st H. Vilkas 2nd Coe & Seward’s Kinkoma Morko with Eriegael well balanced in body to length of leg.  Pleasing headpiece, nice eyes and ears well set.  Sadly very much out of coat and needs to gain in bodyweight. Needs some ring training as he has a habit of leaning away from his handler and moving crabwise.

LD (2/0) 1st & Res.BD Rolfe’s Arcuilean Ceard Among Inkivaari very square outline, well arched neck  which is long enough, well bodied with a correctly set and carried tail.  This dog is a lovely rich colour.  He too is between coats. Steps quite short on the move  2nd Harmer’s Sukuni Nalle,  a longer cast dog with a good wedge head, nice bone and well ribbed.  Totally self willed when moving and hardly lifted his nose off the ground despite several attempts despite his owners valiant pleading!

OD(1/0) 1st & BOB Rolfe’s Inkivaari Raikon, such a deep, rich coloured dog.  Pleasing head with well shaped eyes, topline dips a bit in stance and he could be truer in front.  I think I would like a shade more of him all over for his sex.

LB (1/0) 1st  & Res.BB Rolfe’s Inkivaari Roosa  pretty headed bitch with a well shaped and coloured eye.  Head a good wedge shape, pleasing stop, ears could be smaller to advantage.  Sadly she too was very much out of coat.  Her backline is level, she is fairly square and has a well carried tail.  Front needs to firm up.

OB(2/0) 1st & BB Coe & Seward’s Kunniakas Kanerva of Eriegael  the best bodied and coated in the entry.   Quite compact in shape, pleasing head but expression loses out from her eyes which are too prominent and round.  She is well ribbed, tail carried well and she shows nicely.  Would like more lightness in her stride and  like several others her front could be firmer. 2nd Rolfe’s Puulatva Morna Among Inkivarris , here we had one which was much lighter footed when gaiting and with a much better eye shape and colour.  However, not happy with her surroundings, very much out of coat and just too lean in body for me.

Albert Wight (Judge)