Yet again this go ahead Society have made further improvements to their already impressive site and I believe there are more to come.

The brand new hall was the venue for the Stakes classes, Groups and BIS.

I judged the first Group and  I liked everything available except that I would have liked the ring to be a bit bigger.  It lacked a bit of width, but in true dogged fashion, those who I spoke to acted and the following day the ring was at least 2 metres wider!  Well done.

The Hound Group was extremely mixed and to be honest some well known winners disappointed me.  However, I had no problem in making a short list of 8 which included the Basenji, the Ridgeback, the Saluki and the Whippet.

Group 4 went to the  Afghan bitch Andizhan Arateekah.  So feminine, excellent outline, reachy neck, good wither definition and so well angulated behind.  She is well ribbed, has good bone and lovely big feet.  Her head handles well, clean, decent length and punishing muzzle.   In excellent coat she could have pushed harder if she had just had a little bit more get up and go when circling the ring.

G3  was  a delightful Borzoi Ch. Lupushuan Siberian Ash.  This 3½ years old white and red dog is a beautiful shape.  Tall, elegant, the straightest of forelimbs, well arched feet, lovely backline with a decent width  in loin and a clean, smooth fall away.  Well muscled hindquarters and in spotless coat condition.  Head has length, is sufficiently narrow for his sex and looked at in profile is amply convex.  He was a delight to watch circle the ring and deserved what I believe is his first Group award.  Well done.

G2 was the Pharoah Hound.  Am.Ch. Hallam’s Busiris Ra Qena I thought him very impressive as although he is probably the upper limit in size for some, he never put a foot wrong, has style, shape, attitude to burn and simply dominated the ring with his sheer presence.  Whenever he moved then stopped he didn’t needs his legs re-arranging, just halted four square and looked the part.  Stunning outline, immaculate in coat condition, well balanced head with super expression, ears ever up and he never waivered in his attention for a minute.  I’m told has only recently arrived and already has 2 CCs with BOB.  An interesting addition to our show rings.

G1 I gave to the Beagle Ch. Dialynne Maximus.  I have given him a CC & BOB, then later a G2 at Leeds, so I clearly like him a lot.  Immaculate in body condition and sparkling in jacket, he makes it all look so easy.  His shape is excellent, compact , terrific outline, tail perfectly set and carried and he has that super head which is all male and full of quality.  Did everything right on the move and was a deserved winner.

Albert Wight (Judge)